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Tense Technique Training & 3 Boxes of Sisthaema


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  • Three boxes of Sisthaema HEVO-T (2ml) 1 syringe per box
  • Consultation forms, one for each box.
  • Printed poster A3
  • Luxury product brochure printed A4
  • Online Training Video on TENSE Technique
  • Downloadable Certification
  • FREE MASK with each box of Sisthaema.

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This is an ultimate start up package which is ideal if you are looking to start with Sisthaema Hevo-T, we have created this package for everyone who is looking to start offering Sisthaema Hevo-T in the clinic or academy. This package includes the below: 

  • Three boxes of Sisthaema HEVO-T (2ml) 1 syringe per box
  • Consultation forms, one for each box.
  • Printed poster
  • Luxury product brochure printed
  • Online Masterclass (Video) on TENSE Technique See the preview   PLEASE MESSAGE US FOR LINK AFTER PURCHASE. 
  • Downloadable Certification
  • Each box of Sisthaema will get a FREE MASK!

Skin aging occurs with loss of deep hydration, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation of various types and alteration of the amorphous component of the dermis. This complex phenomenon will manifest with a marked decrease in hyaluronic acid concentration.

SISTHAEMA HEVO T is an intradermic injectable hydrogel, featuring a breakthrough and patented combination of hyaluronic acid and trehalose, proven to last longer than any linear HA-based injectable and to provide skin bio regeneration (the “Sisthaemic Dermal Regeneration”), volume and deep hydration.

Where can Sisthaema Hevo-T be injected?

  • FACE
  • NECK
  • ARMS

These are the most common places of where Sisthaema Hevo-T is used although it can be injected anywhere where skin is present.

Selective Spectrum Technology

SISTHAEMA HEVO T features Selective Spectrum Technology (SST), an advanced manufacturing procedure that identifies ranges of molecular weights with different spatial arrangements, thus selecting the most suitable ones for the target (bio-regeneration), maximising the effectiveness of the final product.


Our products undergo a multi-phase sterilisation process, consisting of more sessions at increasing temperatures, without reaching the usual peaks. The final products have the same purity level as with the standard process, but the injectables’ rheological properties are preserved. The result is greater efficacy at the same safety level.

Pharma grade hyaluronic acid

We only use the purest hyaluronic acid as a starting raw material, to ensure the highest quality and safety standards.

What does “the purest” mean?

Purity stands for the endotoxin level in hyaluronic acid, which has to be close to zero to be classified as “pharma grade”. The almost total absence of endotoxins makes our hyaluronic acid extremely well-tolerated by the organism, minimising the occurrence of adverse reactions due to the hydrogel.

The Results After Sisthaema Hevo-T Treatment & Application Protocol

Sisthaema Hevo-T is meant to naturally make you look younger, improving your skin health and stimulating its own ability to repair and recover. It is the perfect solution if you are looking to maintain your look, shedding a few years off. After the treatment you will see immediate results and glowing skin, you will feel the deep hydration and notice smoother skin and a fresher look. Following the protocol advised by your trusted physician will grant the best results possible.

Application Protocol:

On average, depending on the skin condition and degree of photo/chrono aging, the patient will need three treatments with 2- or 3-week intervals between them for ideal results. Subsequent recalls should be 60 days after the last treatment.

BAP (5 Point) Technique:

The 5 injection points on each side of the face for Sisthaema Hevo-T using the BAP technique are the upper cheek, nasal base, lower cheek, jawline, and chin. The Sisthaema BAP technique was clinically tested to ensure maximum efficiency and patient comfort. This is a very common technique also popular with other skin boosters on the market.

Tense Technique *INNOVATION*

SISTHAEMA HEVO T can be injected using several common injection techniques. To enhance its lifting and regenerative properties, an exclusive injection technique, the Tense technique, was developed. This addresses critical points of tissue laxity in the face and rejuvenates skin with a natural lifting effect.

The high technological specialisation of our laboratories allows us to integrate cutting-edge technologies into the manufacturing process, including the Selective Spectrum Technology (SST), that lets us select the most appropriate spectrum of HA for the aesthetic target, maximising the effectiveness of the product; HA fragmentation, to better stimulate CD44 receptors on fibroblasts to produce collagen type III; pharma-grade hyaluronic acid, to make product issues virtually impossible.


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