How can Skin Boosters prepare your skin for the festive season?

Christmas and New Year’s celebrations call for glamorous makeup and festive events, it is a season for socialising but also taking time for self-care and recuperation. You might wish to try a new makeup look or you might get makeup cosmetics as a gift from your family and friends…but is your skin ready for makeup?

The key to flawless long-lasting makeup is a hydrated and smooth skin. Such well-prepared skin is the perfect canvas.

Skin hydration

Dehydrated skin can happen at all ages; it could be due to low water intake, or a compromised skin barrier and it leads to formation of fine lines and loss of radiance. Makeup products, especially foundation, applied to dry skin surface will crack/separate easily and look dull.

Hydrating face-mist primers can offer a temporary surface hydration to your skin before makeup. But if you would like long-lasting hydration, then skin booster injections are the answer. Phormae and Sisthaema skin boosters provide a “hydration boost” from the inside, leading to plump radiant skin and long-lasting effect of your chosen makeup products.

Skin smoothness

As we age, our skin loses hyaluronic acid and collagen, leading to reduced elasticity and the appearance of expression lines. Wrinkles and expression lines and be accentuated by makeup…making you look older instead of more glam!

Phormae and Sisthaema skin boosters replenish the hyaluronic acid levels into your skin and promote collagen synthesis…ultimately, they offer an elasticity boost to your skin, fill-up wrinkles and fine lines and therefore converting it to a smoother canvas for your festive makeup.

Dr Kalli

Kallistia Aesthetics Clinic

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